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I subscribe to too many newsletters and want to read them outside of my email account.

I'm familiar with RSS, and maybe that's the answer, but I just read about an app where you sign up, create a custom email address "mecran01@appname" and then read them all at once on your phone. So I guess I'm asking--what works for you? And does anyone remember the name of the app I'm describing? I'm also open to hearing about your newsletter management strategies.
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I haven’t used it, but the app you’re probably thinking of is Stoop.
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I use Newsblur as my RSS reader, and use the forwarding feature and a gmail filter to send newsletters to Newsblur, where they sit until I’m ready to read them. I’m very happy with this setup.
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Oooh I was just reading about this in a twitter thread last night (main thread, offshoot). What works for me is email and filtering but am interested to see if there are other things that work.
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Not sure why you want them out of your inbox, but I’m sure you have your reasons. My strategy is based around not needing yet another place to look for content. I tend to receive newsletters early in the morning, mid-day, and late afternoon, so I read during morning commute, lunch and evening commute. I have Newsblur, but I’m not in it anywhere near as much as I am my inbox. My most important communications are centered around email, so my inbox is where they belong.
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I use FeedBin (similar to NewsBlur as mentioned by Stacey), it also provides an email address for newsletter subs. I think Feedly might support this as well but it's been a while.
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Kill the Newsletter lets you sign up for newsletters and redirect them to an RSS reader. (Mixed results, though: images don't load, which makes image-heavy newsletters hard to read.)

I also tried to do this with Zapier, but there was a 10KB limit that most newsletters break, so that wasn't a good solution for me.
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I also use NewsBlur and like it a lot for newsletter aggregation. I set up a separate folder for all the newsletter and read them when I get a moment.
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I don't use it myself, but your question also brought to mind a recommendation for Stoop on my Twitter timeline yesterday.
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I use Feedly. I like it a lot.
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While I have Feedly for RSS feeds, I find that more and more sites are discontinuing their RSS feeds (or changing locations in which case you have to first notice and then hunt the new location down which is time consuming).

My preferred solution for newsletters has been to create a different email account and have them all go to that email account instead of my primary one. Then I have both email accounts setup on my phone (and outlook), and can read them at will, without the newsletters taking away from my primary correspondence.
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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I have an account at The Old Reader for RSS, but will check out your other recommendations, and have installed Stoop on the ipad. I appreciate the time you took to help.
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