Web site for buying appliance maintenace manuals
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In 2016 my dishwasher broke. I paid $10 to some web site to sell me the maintenance manual. Like not users' guide, but the manual that tells repair people to press these two buttons at once to enter repair mode, then this button to drain or whatever. Now I need that manual again. I can't find it. What would the web site have been?

If I could remember what the web site was I could search my email more efficiently or log back into the site and redownload the manual.

Oh, just in case, does anyone happen to have the maintenance manual for the GE GBWT260R10SS ?
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Best answer: On Google i found no results (besides this thread) for “GBWT260R10SS” but plenty for “GDWT260R10SS”.

I’m naturally distrustful of websites that want your money, but perhaps this is where you got it before: allrepairmanuals.com/ge-dishwasher.htm?model_number=GDWT260R10SS
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Have you looked inside your actual dishwasher? On every GE appliance I've ever owned, there's a folded paper sheet with the wiring diagram and service info/backdoor code tucked inside. On my dishwasher it was located behind the kickplate.
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Response by poster: I haven't looked inside my dishwasher...I realize this is going to make me sound dumb, but wouldn't a folded paper sheet in my dishwasher get all wet? Also, I don't think I'd know what to with a wiring diagram. I'm looking for "Hold these two buttons down to go into diagnostic mode, then push this button to force the drain pump on."

If you mean inside when I first bought the dishwasher, then I'm sure this is yet another casualty of m contractor, so no, I don't have it. I don't think my dishwasher has a kickplate.the toe thing at the bottom is made of my cabinet material and is the same as used under the cabinets.

Anyway, I think the site D.C. linked to is the site, so I contacted them to see if they can find my account so I can redownload hopefully.
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Look on the side of the inside of the door or door frame. It's usually there. I have found manuals for free online. And D.C. is almost certainly correct about the 'D' in the code, I was just googling this myself last month.
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Well I guess I was vague by the meaning of the word "inside". Sorry. Dishwashers have a lot of empty space between the tub assembly and the cabinets next to it.

Take a look at this video and look at the area by the left foot at 0:56. See that piece of paper? That's what you're looking for. The one for my dishwasher had some text on it that explained how to run the service mode.

The parts diagram for your model also confirms it's there (Callouts #1 and #2). Good hunting.
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The GE manual/instructions database, with a link for instructions on finding your model number. If you have other questions, you can call them at 800-626-2005.
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Best answer: D'oh, forget that! I should have gone one step further with the 'mini-manual' part # from PartSelect.

This is part 31-30616, which is what should match the sheet under your unit (if it is indeed a GDWT260R10SS). The magic keypress should be "down arrow + heated dry for 3 seconds". Does that work?
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Response by poster: Perfect! Thank you! My dishwasher is drained!

I will print the PDF out and put it with the manual.
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For future reference, I have been using Centriq for automatically gathering all of my appliance user manuals and spare parts list, simply by uploading a picture of the machine plate that shows model and serial number. It has been handy so far as I've replaced furnace filters, looked up water filter part numbers, and other miscellaneous new homeowner stuff.

There are a few competitor apps if you're on IOS or another platform where this one doesn't work as well.
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