How to download ALL the data from my Facebook page
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I'm trying to close and archive a 'fan' page I created years ago. After doing 'download page' and looking at the file, all the most important stuff is missing.

Many years ago I created a memorial facebook page for a teacher that was close to my family. That teacher's family really valued the many many many comments [now showing as 'visitor posts'] from people in the school community.

Since it's been many years now, the teacher's family is requesting I close the page but would like to keep the info as what they call a 'modern scrap book'. I did the settings>download page action, but when I look at the file of what was downloaded, it only includes my admin posts, not the visitor posts, which is basically all that the family really wants to keep as memorial. So how do I do a full download of the whole archive so that the deceased's family can treasure the community's memories of their mother? I would also prefer to have this saved as a pdf instead of html or json, as this family is incredibly tech-averse and would prefer to have this stuff printed out and put in a box instead of having to view it in a browser. I'm not tech-averse, just tech-limited in my social media knowledge.

Any help would be appreciated as Facebook seems to just be making it more and more difficult to truly check out.
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To download the data Facebook has on you, go to and click on "download a copy of your Facebook data." You should click on "download archive" next. Wait until Facebook puts everything together (might take a little while) and then click on "Download Archive" again. This downloads a zip file containing all your data onto your computer.

Unfortunately, when it comes to pages, you can only download data produced by people with roles on the page. What others post on the page is not your data so you can't download them. I don't know of any way to overcome this apart from printing or copying the messages individually.
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I would also prefer to have this saved as a pdf instead of html or json
I would try to print the pages to PDF. You have to find a way to block the side banners and expand the comments on any posts you want to print, but I think you can do that with developer tools in most browsers.
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This is not precisely what you're asking for, but there are companies -- My Social Book is the one I know offhand -- that will print a Facebook page as a physical book, and they say they include the posts other people made to your wall. Not 100% sure it will work for a non-personal page, but it might be one option.

I've not used them and am not recommending them, just suggesting it as one approach you might be unaware of and want to investigate.
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Could you screen grab each page and combine them into a .PDF? It may be a lot of work....
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