80s/90s TV episode involving a Chinese student/political activist
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I have a memory of an episode of 21 Jump Street in which police go undercover at a university, and there is a Chinese foreign student who, it turns out, is also a political activist and is worried that he is being spied on by other Chinese students. However, Googling shows no such episode as existing, so I must be mixing 21 Jump Street up with some other show. What might I be thinking of?
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That feels Law and Order-y to me.
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I have a vague memory of a MacGyver episode with a similar plot.
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Wait, never mind, it was 21 Jump Street, it just wasn't the main part of the episode, so it was missing from the plot synopses. For reference if anyone comes across this post in the future: Season 4, Episode 13, "Research and Destroy"
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