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I'm looking for suggestions on reliable spin bikes that won't break the bank.

My husband and I are looking for a spin bike to supplement our rather sad winter fitness efforts. There are a lot of bikes on the market and lots of internet guides, but I'm interested in suggestions based on your personal experiences. I've taken spin classes for years in the past but of course I can't remember any of the bikes I used. Factors to consider:

- Reliable
- Good customer service
- Good for relatively heavy use - we will each be using it at least a few times per week and we'll both be doing pretty intense workouts
- 40+ lbs flywheel
- I am 5'4" and 140#, husband is 5'9" and 170#
- Good adjustability options for seat and handlebars
- We live on the top floor of an apartment building and would like to avoid annoying our downstairs neighbor, so less vibration-y noise, the better
- Less than $500

Thank you for any suggestions you may have for us, we're eager to get moving a bit more!
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Your price range is going to be the limiting factor unless you can find a screaming deal on a used bike. I used to teach indoor cycle classes and cheap(i.e. sub $500) stationary bikes are always going to feel sort of rickety and unpleasant. Think about how long you plan to use the bike and how much you won't be spending on a gym membership for two people or for studio classes for two people and see if you can find a few hundred dollars more towards a bike. I like Keiser bikes, the models that include handle bar forward and back adjustments. I taught for years on Schwinn bikes and like those too, but a belt or chain driven flywheel with brake pads is a different feel than a magnetic one. Magnetic resistance means fewer moving parts to break down or wear out. Keiser uses magnetic resistance, Schwinn has felt pads that will need to be replaced eventually.
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