Getting a black and white image printed
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Where can I get an image printed on nice textured paper?

My cat died last week and my friend made a nice silhouette image of him. It's a black silhouette and quite high resolution and it is a jpg image. I'd like to print it out and frame it and hang it near one of the spots where he liked to hang out in my house. I wanted to have it printed on high quality, textured paper - Any suggestions where (online or in person) I could have this done?
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So sorry to hear about your cat!
Can you give us some indication of where in the world you are?
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You could probably get fairly good results with a standard laser or inkjet printer & a nice piece of paper from the art or craft store. Inkjet might fade eventually.

Another option would be to talk to a local print shop (I was going to suggest Kinkos, but I guess they've renamed it to FedEx Office). Sometimes they have nice paper & sometimes you can bring in your own & they'll print on it.

I'm sorry about your cat. :(
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If it's high enough resolution (and maybe the original was a vector image, or could be?) you could have it laser-cut out of very black paper and mounted on any nice paper. Really a silhouette!
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I’ve been using a company called Finerworks (based in San Antonio, TX) for fine art printing. You upload the file, choose your paper type and size, and they print it and mail it to you. If you (like me) like to feel paper in person before committing, I believe they have a paper sample pack available. They have a range of lovely thick / textured papers available.

Sorry to hear about your kitty!
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