Looking for a poem about interdependence
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I’m trying to find a poem that I originally saw on either Facebook or Instagram. It began with something like this (in meaning/sentiment but not in exact words) Your determination to rely only on yourself/ Is something that we can no longer afford. The poem goes on to address the reader, arguing that strong communities are built through relationships of interdependence in which people choose to rely on each other. Rather than simply encouraging the reader to reach out for help, it frames their/our stubborn insistence on pure self-reliance as a selfish act that weakens community by denying others the opportunity connect with us and each other through mutual aid. It may have come out of disability activism or possibly permaculture circles. Not necessarily a published poem from a book - possibly just a screenshot of a Tumblr post. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Sounds like my favorite poem, by Phillip Lopate:

We Who Are Your Closest Friends
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