What's a good replacement for Google Inbox on Android?
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Google Inbox is going away :(((((( Do you have any good suggestions for an Android-compatible replacement that also supports bundling messages by label? (I have terrible piles of email, and looking at all of it at once without some kind of pre-sorting and filtering is intensely stressful. Directly filing to directories is a good way to ensure that mail doesn’t get read.) A program that doesn’t bundle mail might be acceptable if you have a good alternate workflow for dealing with sorting email. BONUS POINTS for programs that supports providers other than Google.
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Have you tried Google Mail/GMail?

"By default, categories and tabs in Gmail are organized similarly to the default bundles in Inbox" from https://support.google.com/inbox/answer/9117840
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My experience with GMail is that it is happy to bundle things based on Google's predefined categories, e.g. "Social" Google's categories aren't very good, though. What i would like to do is bundle things based on labels that I define (e.g. "family", "metafilter") and feed data to via filters. Gmail lets you define the labels and filters, but not the bundling.
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I'm with you on this -- bundles were one of the best things about Inbox, and the one thing I really miss now that I've (reluctantly) switched back to Gmail. That said, Google has specifically said that they'll bring bundles to Gmail, although they haven't released a timeline. In the meanwhile... In the meanwhile I don't think there are any good hacks besides utilizing tabs and categories, as bergnotburg suggests, and which is honestly both a paltry and disappointing replacement and the best you're going to get.

Hi bergnotburg! Signed, fellow -berg, not -burg.
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Protonmail does this, and what's more, doesn't disappear them from your main inbox.
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I am probably mistaken as I am not a email nerd. But I thought it was Google+ that was going to be deleted April 2nd. Regular google still works with Gmail. Ignore this if I am totally mistaken.
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But I thought it was Google+ that was going to be deleted April 2nd.

Both will be deleted :(
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For those finally making themselves do the transition here in the waning days of Inbox (like me) - has anyone come across an app that integrates snoozable reminders/tasks in your inbox like Google Inbox did? That was my number one feature, but I can't find any other client that does it.
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