What cable do I need?
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I want to be able to screen mirror/play videos from a browser on my iPad or MacBook Pro on my tv. What cables do I need?

I have an iPad 4, 2012 MacBook Pro, and some sort of LGTV SmartTV. I want to be able to play videos from Google Drive and/or Dailymotion players embedded in a browser on my tv. The built-in web browser for the tv does not support playback of these videos. The Dailymotion app for the tv has stopped working. What hdmi/hdmi adapter cable do I need to make this happen? I am fine with an iPad, MacBook, or both option. I see conflicting information about what sort of playback assorted options support and I find all of the write ups confusing. What do I buy?
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For the MacBook Pro, you need Mini DisplayPort to HDMI. For the iPad you need an adapter with an HDMI port on it, like Apple's Lightning to Digital AV Adapter plus an HDMI cable.

Alternately you could get an Apple TV which is a little box that will connect to your TV via HDMI cable. Then you can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream your video from any Apple device; major caveat is that this works best with more recent versions of MacOS which you may or may not be running on a circa-2012 device, and you need solid wifi in the room where the TV is. The Apple TV box will also have more up-to-date apps on it than your TV does.
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As long as you're not expecting to play iTunes and Amazon video, a Chromecast may also be a good choice. They're cheaper than the Lightning Digital to AV adapter and more convenient to use, if all your apps are supported.
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If closed captions/subtitles are important to you and/or your fellow viewers, check that they will work. (Chromecast failed on that score a few years back, I haven't investigated since.)
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