Alternative to Crooks and Liars? Also, a Canadian equivalent?
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I visit a few times a day to keep up on American politics (I'm a Canadian). All I do is watch the videos--I do not interact on the forums. However, I can no longer tolerate their clickbait hyperbole bullshit, terrible ads, and doubleclick battery-draining code... What's a good alternative site that curates videos re: American politics/news? Also, is there an equivalent site for Canadian politics?
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It's not videos, but I find that 538 gives me a good overview of what's actually important in the world of US politics, with the smartest analysis that I've found anywhere.
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Does it need to be video? I am going to shamelessly steal from TeenVogue (a publication that is, like, bizarrely good now?) and suggest:
"For current events, The Daily from The New York Times, NPR’s Up First, and Vox’s Today, Explained are widely publicized daily podcasts that raise awareness and keep people informed about political news and happenings."

The Daily will often have video and commentary on its website at NYT to support the podcast. Also those are all fairly mainstream outlets. If you want something more explicitly progressive (like crooksandliars) I'd suggest maybe Pod Save America, which is explicitly supporting of progressive politics within the established Democratic party. I enjoy it but it can be a little liberal echo-chamber-y. If you want full leftist Chapo Trap House podcast is pretty popular, and critical of both the GOP and liberal incrementalism.

For Canada specifically, I've seen The Agenda with Steve Paikin referenced as both blog and podcast, though that's sometimes more Ontario-focused.
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For Canadian sites, a couple are:

Press Progress and The Tyee. I have to say that Canadaland Commons' recent series on corruption has been quite excellent.
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R/CanadaPolitics Is pretty left and may have links to videos. On guard for thee is supposed to be the where progressives fled after r/Canada was taken over by right-wingers (I don’t really follow the drama). Looks like there is a vacuum leading up to the election; I think this sounds like a project for you to take on...
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Link for 538 noted above.
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