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I'm trying to add a "call to action" button to my Facebook business page but there doesn't seem to be an option to do so and googling provides no helpful information. Please help!

I want to add a "call to action" button to my Facebook business page that says "Contact Us" and points to my business' email address.

Google says that in order to create a "call to action" button, I need to click on an option that says + Add a Button below my business page's cover photo.

However, no such option exists on my page's cover photo. I only see options to edit my page's info, view my page as a visitor, and view insights. When I try to edit my page's info, I see nothing pertaining to adding such a button anywhere.

What am I missing? Explain to me like I am 5, please, as there is nothing intuitive about this process...

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Do you have a button already? It might be a blue box on the bottom right of your cover photo that says Shop Now, Contact Us, etc. In that case you would have to edit button.

Otherwise the button says Add Page Button.
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Worth double checking: are you on desktop or on mobile?
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I have tried using desktop and mobile. There is no button at all on the bottom right of my cover image, not even one that says "add button." Hence my confusion.
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I think I may have figured this out - the business is actually a local TV show, and I don't think Facebook considers this to be the kind of business that requires a call to action since we aren't "selling" anything in the traditional sense. We were hoping to have a button to contact us for future show bookings but I think Facebook takes the "TV show" categorization very literally. We might just need to pin a post at the top of our feed with the contact info.

If anyone can confirm this, or can give me some other workaround, I welcome more answers. Otherwise I am going to consider this resolved...
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So probably more like a fan page?
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No, it's a TV show that I am helping produce that we broadcast live via Facebook Watch. All involved with this production come from more traditional film/tv/broadcast backgrounds so the world of purely digital distribution is new to us all and we're fumbling a bit trying to make sure we maximize our presence on the platform to keep momentum up.
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That sort of issue was exactly what I was going to suggest, yes. I work with a healthcare non-profit and we had to choose between being listed under "medical clinic" with services or having a "donate" button as a charity. grumblegrumble
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