Occult detectives, detecting the occult
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Recommend me your stories of occult detection! Assume that I have read the more familiar ones, alas.

So, assume that I have read or am familiar with the occult detectives described here. Also assume that I have read the Silver John stories and Melissa Scott's Points and Victorian-magical-detectives books...and recommend me some other ones.

Caveat: I am basically not interested in True Blood-style thrillers or urban fantasy in general. I'm also most interested in stories with a strong detection/mystery element rather than a strong romance/intrigue/thriller element.

Anyway. If you have a good case for a particular urban fantasy novel because of its unique individual qualities, go ahead, but my favorite occult detective is Carnacki The Ghost Finder, and he has no romantic life.
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It's been years since I've read them, but maybe Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy stories.
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I wonder if Charles Williams's War In Heaven (murder mystery merges into supernatural) might scratch your itch? But he's weird Catholicism rather than straight-up occult. (I found War in Heaven creepy to the point of wanting it out of my house.)
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I quite liked the Jackaby series by William Ritter.
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These all feature occult detectives and not much romance , I have no idea if you consider them familiar:

Dirk Gently

Dresden Files

Glen Cook’s stuff, though it is definitely occult detective it’s also fantasy/noir mashup with lots of comedy, people tend to love it or hate it.
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I suspect you know about these, but for the sake of completeness, The Necromantic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth by Sarah Monette, a.k.a. Katherine Addison.
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Dorothy Gilman's two Clairvoyant Countess novels, The Clairvoyant Countess and Kaleidoscope, are a lot of fun.
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Black Magick
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Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series might tick some boxes. Modern day police officer who suddenly starts seeing ghosts and gets drawn into a branch of the police concerned with policing magic.
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Nthing the Monette stories, if you haven't read them.
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Seconding the Charles Williams reference—there is something genuinely unsettling/unfamiliar about his books. All Hallows Eve is another very mysterious one in which characters try to figure out what's happening to them.
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If you don't mind graphic novels, try the available compilations of the Jamie Delano years of the old Hellblazer comic books. More modern and dark than Victorian gothic in tone.
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The Adept series by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris.
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The Bast series by Rosemary Edghill is nice.
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Maybe try George Chesbro's Mongo the Magnificent series? I've heard good things.
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Not without problems, but Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country might do.

More fantasy than occult, but the Garrett P.I. series by Glen Cook are fun and focuses on the detectoring.
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Completely by coincidence, going through a Goodreads rabbithole, The Brotherhood of the Wheel sounds really interesting.
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Check out Victor LaValle's take on Lovecraft, "The Ballad of Black Tom." LaValle is African American, as is the title character. Soon to be a SyFy series!
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