Google+ brand pages?
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Hi! I have a Google+ (or Google Plus) brand page. I know Google+ for consumers is going away but what happens to brand pages? I can't find anything explaining what to expect. I had a notification in my brand account earlier this week that I accidentally closed! So I'm not sure what they were trying to tell me. I haven't gotten any communication from Google about the G+ brand page. Can anyone link to what will happen to brand pages after Google Plus shuts down?
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Does any of this page of announcements and faqs from google answer your questions?
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Nope. That's all G+ consumer information. Unless brands is considered a consumer product?
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Well I don't know what a brand page is, but if you read all the information linked on that page it's not just about consumer information.
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Can you send me a direct link to the non-consumer information? All I see is:

1. Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019
2. Frequently asked questions about the Google+ shutdown (which begins To help you navigate the consumer Google+ shutdown...)

If it won't let you link out, would you mind copying-and-pasting? At least enough so I can Google it myself. Thanks!
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When I go to my personal Google+ account, I see a gold bar across the top and a message that says, "Your Google+ account is going away on April 2, 2019. Learn more." (The "learn more" goes to the page that sheldman linked to. )

If you see that when you go to your brand page then it's going away. If not then it's not. At least not on April 2. Nevertheless, I would begin making preparations for a new page/site somewhere off of Google+ because they are notorious for launching products like this and then canceling them when they feel like it.
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In this case a non-consumer account is a G-suite account, and per the linked FAQ, those are staying around.
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I have a few brand accounts. They also have a yellow bar saying they are going away: "Your Google+ page and any other Google+ pages you manage are going away on April 2, 2019. Learn more."

I think the "consumer" distinction is the Google+ for non-enterprise accounts? I think there's a Google+ variant or something that companies could enable if they're using the enterprise suite (or whatever it's called).
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What used to be called "Google Plus Business Pages" etc. are now called Google My Business (it's been this way for at least the last couple of years).

The big change is that for businesses with a physical address, all of the community stuff that used to be on G+ (eons and yonks ago now, it seems) are now managed (publicly) through Google Maps. Customers leave reviews on and upload photos and photospheres to Maps (or Google Local).

The business owner can use Google My Business to manage all of this, plus initiate, optimize and configure the Maps listing.

Besides "customers" / visitors and the actual business owner or manager of the business profile, there's a third class of user called Google Local Guides. Google Local Guides replaced Google My Maps as the way to add new places to Google Maps, or update information.

In the past, if you did Local SEO (which I do), in order to add or correct a location, you'd have to put in a request in the My Maps forum, or somehow phone up Google (there were various tricks and backdoors to actually phone up a call center).

Now, if you have a Google Local Guides profile, it's really easy to make updates to Maps, especially if you contribute regularly, under the Google Local Guides initiative, to Google Maps by "checking in" and uploading photos of various places.

So, for me, doing Local SEO, contributing to Google Local Guides and building up credibility with human and AI moderators has been pretty critical in helping my clients resolving problems (no, I am not spamming Maps or gaming the system; I'm just figuring out ways to correct misinformation etc).

Unfortunately, Google Local Guides seems to be kind of neglected, but I'd still encourage anyone who wants to be able to more easily manage their own Maps presence to contribute.

And take advantage of Google My Business to manage your profiles.

Thus ends my Local SEO data dump.
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