Using the extra buttons on a Japanese keyboard
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I'd like to use the extra buttons on my Japanese keyboard which has been mapped to an US setting.

Right before classes started, my computer let out the magic smoke. Which was bad. But my wonderful wife helped get me a new laptop (PC) here in Japan. Which has a Japanese keyboard. Which is ok, I remapped it to a US keyboard (thank you Microsoft for making this part painless) and got some stickers for the keys that were changed.

However, there still are some extra buttons that are now unused. A katakana/hiragana/romanji button, a kanji button, both of which make the spacebar shorter, what was the dash/backslash/ro button, which takes up half the right shift key, and a pipe/yen/underscore button, which is where half of the backspace should be. Hitting them in English mode does nothing. Is there any way to reprogram them to make them do what the button they're stealing from does? I have no idea where to even start looking.
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SharpKeys is a small, open source program that allows you to map keys to whatever you want. It works by editing your registry, so you don't even need the program installed once you're satisfied with your layout.
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Done! Thank you.
posted by Hactar at 4:58 AM on February 10

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