Dinner Ideas in Downtown LA
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I'm taking my mother to the Broad museum downtown on Saturday - any recommendations for a good place to eat dinner? Nothing too fancy, we're pretty open on kinds of food.
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We had dinner at Church and State a few weeks ago and it was lovely.
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Prufrock Pizzeria. Little Easy.
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Drago is pretty okay Italian. I've heard Otium is good and that's pretty close to the Broad, but might be too fancy. Grand Central Market is a few blocks away and pretty enjoyable as well.
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Maccheroni Republic is the best pasta in Los Angeles, Broadway between 3rd and 4th. They don't take reservations though.

Spitz in Little Tokyo (2nd near Alameda) is decidedly not fancy, but their Street Cart Fries are amazing.

Baadmash is Indian street food in a nice but casual setting. We had a Mefite meetup there a couple years ago. Around Spring and 3rd? I can't remember exactly.
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My go-to is always to hop in the car and get to Guisados on Sunset in east Echo Park. Delish, and about five minutes away.
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If you like sushi, Enya Sushi in Little Tokyo is fantastic. There's almost always a wait. Not the cheapest but not outrageous. Amazing food and outstanding service.
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Otium is LITERALLY next door and though it's mildly fancy -- like, Hipster Fancy -- it is delicious and it's really really REALLY easy. (I HATE getting in the car when I've already parked at the Broad, and the Broad is on top of a hill and if your mom isn't super mobile, it's nice to be RIGHT THERE and not have to deal w. walking.) (I also tend to feel a tiny bit apprehensive walking through parts of DTLA still, to be totally upfront.)
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If you're fairly casual, the Grand Central Market is a fun food court with great selections a few blocks away.
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The Border Grill is a half mile away and is excellent. Menu is on the website.
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You can also take Angels Flight up/down the hill to get to Grand Central Market or access other restaurants.

I would second Maccheroni Republic (it's across Broadway from GCM).

There is a Guisado's on Spring St between 5th and 6th (in the Spring Arcade, with a bunch of other restaurants).

Badmaash is at Spring and 2nd.

There's also any of the Josef Centeno restaurants - Bar Ama, PYT, or Baco Mercat. They're all at 4th and Main.
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