Help me remember a book
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My library doesn't keep records of what I've checked out (good), but when I try to remember a book I read to see if the author has anything else, I'm out of luck. More of the book I'm trying to remember inside

The book was a middle east/Islamic setting and a sci-fi/fantasy. I think the main plot was a conspiracy by an evil sorcerer to take over the kingdom via an undead creature.

Other parts were: an old demon hunter ("I'm too old for this shit"), and his crew (a husband/wife potion maker couple, and possibly others). A hot-headed young palace guard who's fervently religious gets paired with the old man . They meet a shape-changing girl (last of her tribe) when hunting a demon in the desert/wild-lands. Those are the 3 main characters.

The undead creature is fed from captured people, and one captured person is the captain of the guard (who's key to getting into the palace to overthrow the king). There's a dashing robin-hood/rogue figure in the palace town as well to complicate things, plus I'm sure lots of prophecy about the rising evil, and the throne etc.

After the evil is defeated, the demon hunter tries to make peace with the brothel owner that was his lover.

I'm reading Kingdom of Copper by S.A Chakraborty, and man, I'm getting that (plus Kingdom of Brass) mixed up with this one.

It feels like that should be enough to google it, but I'm getting nothing.
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Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon?
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YES. Thank you. Saving that for the rest of the series.

(I should have gone back through the Hugo and Nebula nominee lists - that's where I usually find new books to read)
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