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I'm falling in love with the host of Dinner Party Tonight on YouTube. She's strong, she's funny, she's edgy, and she confidently teaches you a bunch of great stuff about cooking. I'm looking for other podcasts and YouTube series with similar hosts. Does not need to be cooking-related.

I'm finding Dinner Party Tonight a revelation. I want to be her when I grow up. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I want to spend more time online with women who are who I want to be like (strong, smart, cultured, NYC-ish, skilled, with impeccable taste) and possibly, queer or queer-adjacent. In a weird way, I'm just enjoying spending time with her on in the background when I'm lonely.

Is there someone like this who reviews movies? Who talks about history? Who interviews artists? Or even another cooking show. I'm open.

Doesn't need to be video; audio is ok.

I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, but I hope you can help me find it!
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Ok, since no one seems to be responding, I'm open to any kind of medium for this question. Literary readings, animated characters, politics, whatever. I hope there's more than one person like this in media, anywhere!
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They're not older, but Call Your Girlfriend podcast fits your "(strong, smart, cultured, NYC-ish, skilled, with impeccable taste) and possibly, queer or queer-adjacent" requirements.
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She's a co-host rather than the sole host, but this is very much scholar and dyke-about-town Karen Tongson on Pop Rocket for me.
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They're LA-based and more political but you might enjoy Kat Blaque or Contrapoints.
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Try the first season of the podcast Queery with Cameron Esposito. She has been such a source of stability and knowledge for me. Simultaneously radical and reassuring.
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She's young and does pop culture stuff and I've got no idea who she likes to sleep with but Jenny Nicholson is one of my favorite youtubers. She's hilarious, smart, totally confident and unapologetic about what she likes, and really knows her subject matter. I love her and I try to tell anyone who'll listen about how great her channel is.
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You might enjoy Secret Feminist Agenda, hosted by Hannah McGregor. In each episode, she interviews brilliant women and it's a delight.
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I have no idea whether Lea Thau is queer but you might be interested in the Strangers podcast.

Other possibilities that I've listened to, can recommend trying out, and that tick at least some of your boxes:
You Must Remember This
Ask a Clean Person
Death, Sex & Money
Stuff Your Mom Didn't Tell You
You Look Fab (not youtube, not podcast, but I like her style)

Stuff I haven't tried yet but that came up in my research which I am downloading now:
Midlife Mixtape
The History Chicks
Radio Cherry Bombe

OK. I delved through my listening history trying to remember names of things so I could post a reasonably adequate answer, so I could say this: I had never heard of Dinner Party Tonight before I saw your question and it is one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. Thank you <3
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