How do I open old Eudora .mbx files in Win10?
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I'm trying to find a way to open Eudora's mailbox files (.mbx) and am very suspicious of the results I get. Anyone know of a viewer that isn't just a malware repository?

A Google search gives me a few options of viewers with alleged good ratings, but I cannot see them referenced anywhere else and these companies seem to offer "viewers" for countless file formats. So I am wary!

I am guessing the last version of Eudora itself won't run on Windows 10. Some people also mention Thunderbird as based on Eudora & thus able to open them, but others said it didn't work for them. Possibly outdated info.

So, I figured, some Mefites might have been in the same boat and found a solution I am too scared to test, haha. Thank you!!!!
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Eudora OSE is skinned to look like Eudora's UI, but it is Thunderbird underneath and probably won't help you.

Good news is that classic Eudora's MBX files are just all of your mail in a flat text file, that you can open with just about any text editor. Bad news is it's all just dumped together, with a separate proprietary index (TOC file) that keeps track of what is where in the file.

Looking at a 15-year-old MBX in my backups, it also appears that most of the headers have been stripped as well, although that might not matter to you. What probably will matter is that Eudora did not retain attachments in the mailbox files at all; it immediately dumped them out to the file system and then just linked to the files. So if all you have is the MBX you won't get anything but the message bodies.
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Does this help at all?
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Thanks both for your replies! You're right, Cyber Slug Labs, I can just open them as a text file. This will be a bit of a pain extracting the mails I want, but it will have to do.
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