Where do I order DIY lamp parts?
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I want to create my own lamps that hang from the ceiling. I will create the shade, but I need to buy the socket with cord and plug. My plan is to sell these, so I'd like to say at least part of the lamp is UL listed.

I'd like something with a round cord, either white or black. I guess I'm thinking of something I swear I saw at Target a few years back, with the socket and cord and plug all together. I've looked around the web quite a bit and haven't found such a thing.

I could attach each end to the cord if needed, and buy the parts seperately, but I'd like the end result to look clean and professional. I'm thinking of a black plastic socket, that I can possibly mount a shade to.

I would be fine with buying bulk. Low cost is good.
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Do you mean a ceiling pendant type thing? Homebase do cheap white ones. Otherwise I'd check B&Q or Wickes or any of the other DIY chains. I replaced most of the pendants in my house from Homebase. If you want something less ordinary you could try googling "electical wholesalers " - there are five or six hits for where I live most of whom seem to be small companies rather than chains, and some of whom have websites.

(Actually, are you in the UK? The specific store advice might not apply if you're not but the general gist should.)

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Response by poster: No, I wasn't thinking of this kind, the utility ceiling bulb holder.

I was thinking of something like this, where a cord could come out the opposite end.

It would be a setup like this (see bottom two images on the page).

I am in the US.
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So like this?
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Actually, it looks like you already linked to a site which can provide plugs and sockets in bulk, including 200 count/case prices. It there a reason not to choose the Surplus Sales lamp sockets with plugs? All UL listed, too.
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Chadparker - that's exactly the sort of thing I got from homebase. Pendant cord hangs down from round bit that attaches to ceiling. This sort of thing but a damn sight cheaper. You can get the ceiling rose and the cable and the light fitting separately from electrical stores.
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Response by poster: nathan_teske: Yes, that's essentially exactly what I was thinking of. Ikea, yeah, they'd have something like that. But it's only available in their stores, and I'm 300 miles from one.

mdevore: I was looking for something more refined and comfortable and recognizable as finished product, and Ikea's got that look and feel. People aren't as willing to pay for something made of common utility parts from the hardware store.
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Ah you want them to plug in? I was a little slow to catch on to that. Ceiling lamps with plugs sound very strange to me.

But surely fitting a plug and a lamp holder to a piece of cable so it looks tidy is the work of a moment? I don't understand the problem with the hardware store route - the Ikea thing is made out of parts screwed together by someone on minimum wage (if it's made in a country where minimum wage exists) then shipped and packaged and marked-up. You could do exactly the same without the shipping and the packaging.
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What kind of quantity are you talking about? I'm sure local lighting stores would have the same item, but they are probably over-priced. I think you need an ikeafriend :P
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Go to Pier One or World Market or one of those places. Any place that sells hanging paper lantern lamps.

9 times out of 10, they sell the paper globe and the "lamp" portion separately.

The lamp portion is just what you describe -- black or white cord, UL listed, hangs from ceiling, uses standard bulb, switch on ground.
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I picked up what kaseijin described at Target, for a ceiling lamp I made from a decorative fabric shade. Just a cord with a switch, including hardware to attach it to the ceiling. I can't find it on Target's web site, but they certainly had them in my local store.
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Pier One has a kit for hanging lamps.
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Places like Westburne, Acklands carry this kind of stuff. Check your phone book for Wholesale electrical supply. Bring a sample and a pcoketful of cash. Lots of contractors are on a cash only basis. They'll deal with you if you aren't wasting their time and are buying enough to make it worth filling out the invoice. Think a couple hundred dollars minimum.
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Response by poster: thanks, all. first question I asked on AskMe. quite helpful.
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