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I have a boring grey and white bathroom with white marble floors. I bought these cabinet knobs to jazz things up. What shower curtain should I get to go along with them? The only other decor in the room is photography from a trip to Tunisia so I guess I'm going for a Mediterranean or Moroccan type thing.

I don't particularly care how much it costs, as long as it's within the bounds of normalcy (i.e., no high end couture shower curtains, if such a thing even exists).
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Something like this (a Moroccan trellis pattern) fits with your Moroccan/Mediterranean theme, but it's abstract enough that it won't smack someone over the head with Moroccan-ness. Without the photography and knobs, it's just a patterned shower curtain. We have something similar in white and gray. You can find them in a variety of colors, often quite affordably.
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One thing I neglected to do when I bought a shower curtain was to buy a plastic liner. The cloth curtain did an adequate job keeping water off the bathroom floor, but the minerals in the water stained the bottom of the curtain, so I had to keep washing it. I eventually got a liner at Bed, Bath, & Beyond that seemed pricey, but did not require airing out like previous plastic liners I'd bought. Those liners gave off a really strong vinyl smell that made me put them outside for a week before I could use them. The BB&B liner didn't smell at all.
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I like this? Beautiful pattern and contrasting color that kinda ties everything together, but soft and muted enough that they don't clash.
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Another option. Pricey and maybe darker than you need, but the uniform pattern might actually not be as tiring on the eye after a while as my first choice. Love both though. And those cabinet pulls!
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Choose the world!
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I have been fascinated for a while by the Ambesonne (and now there's plenty of knock-offs) photo-printed shower curtains - there's a bunch in these search results (they also have some great patterns), they're generally well-rated for quality, and I think they'd either look cool or create such a large optical illusion in a small bathroom that they'd be terrible.

I use shower curtains on our patio to block a weird line of sight to next door, and have been waffling over one like this or this for ages.
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I love the one marsbar77 suggested (and I really like orange and grey together), but just in case you wanted some other options, there's this peacock, and a turquoise ikat, both of which go with this matching "Indochic" towel and accessory set.
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If you're wanting to go in a brighter direction (based on pics of Tunisia from Google), it looks like Pier 1 has some of the best options I can find.

In particular, in relation to your cabinet knobs, I like these options: Sunset Stripe, Bright Floral, Watercolor Coral

I also like Green And Ivory Fiddle Leaf Fig from World Market.
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By the way, I totally back up the suggestions to go bright, despite my choices. I just wouldn't want to take too much attention away from those gorgeous pulls, but yeah, I'd be itching for a bright, lush pattern.
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One more, this from from Bed Bath & Beyond, Highline Stripe in Aqua
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I've ordered this one (though in a smaller pattern size, I think), and apparently it's gorgeous (my sister has it). Another one I liked was this latticework one on Amazon UK.

Another one I ordered in this one; it seems it's currently unavailable on You can also find it at society6 (don't know this shop), though it seems much more expensive. They seem to have quite a large selection of Moroccan-themed shower curtains, if you dig around.

Depending on the colour scheme in your bathroom, this more geometrical one might be interesting, and I rather love these geographically-themed ones. These are on Etsy.
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You can get one custom-made.
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