What do you call this kind of mattress pad and can you help me find one?
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I'm looking for the kind of cheapo mattress pad that's just a rectangle of flat quilted cotton with loops of elastic on the corners. I want it to protect my featherbed without squishing it the way I think one with the full elasticated skirt would. What the heck is my search term and where can I find one in double/full size? Maybe they're not even made any more? So frustrated!
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Further criteria: NOT waterproof. Available online. Thank you!
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Looks like IKEA sells one called the ANGVSIDE is that sort of what you mean? I saw a few that were waterproof on one side only, I assume that is what you do NOT want?
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Not sure if there’s a particular term, but IKEA makes just what you’re looking for. We have the Kungsmynta and really like it; looks like they have a couple of other models as well.. They call it a mattress protector, maybe it would help to also look for a “deep” one, as the straps are to help accommodate deep mattresses.
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There's this one at Amazon. There are others that look similar but most of them said they are waterproof. Is water resistant ok?
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Well heck, I was just on the IKEA site before posting and all I saw were the plasticized ones! Yes, jessamyn, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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Oh wait a minute. It says the back side is polypropylene. Is that waterproofing? I want it to be breathable like cotton.
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I think you want a feather bed cover -- but an IKEA all-cotton duvet does the job, too.
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Mattress Pad with Anchor Bands is what we call them in the hotel industry.
Fitted Mattress Pad or Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt is the one you don't want.
There is also such a thing as a flat mattress pad - it has neither anchor bands nor a fitted skirt.
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Here's the Amazon top pick for mattress pad with anchor bands
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I’m not sure exactly the name but I have an ikea one like you described and it’s basically just quilted fabric with the corner straps. No water proofing that I’ve noticed.
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Yeah, I'd suggest a featherbed cover. They can be weirdly hard to come by - you basically need to find one of the companies that makes featherbeds - and then expect to spend more than you think you should for what it is. You can almost certainly get by with an inexpensive duvet cover, although it won't do as good a job of containment.
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I have cut the elasticised skirt off a king size mattress protector and placed it both on top of the mattress and on top of a feather topper with mattress on a queen sized bed. The contour sheet then holds it in place. It doesn’t move. The same size would probably work too. I did this because we downsized the bed and I was too cheap to buy a new one.
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Also I have just put the feather mattress pad on the bed with the deskirted mattress pad and tucked a flat sheet around both. It did not move or come untucked. And there was no squishing.
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