Help find this 1990's comic book please.
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I remember reading a fairly adult horror comic in the 90's that I would love to find again.

What I remember:

Creatures that look like bats (aliens?) land on people's heads and drill into the top of the skull (to control them?) and the people wrap their heads and the creatures in a sort of turban to hide the bat creatures.
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Comic and horror make me think "Creepy" and "Eerie". Fairly adult makes me think "Heavy Metal". But I'm afraid my interest in those comics/magazines waned in the mid '80's.
Color or black & white? Size/format? Stand-alone story or part of a collection?
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Could have been late 80s. I can't remember much more, my main memory is about how 14 year old me was seriously freaked out by this comic and by the knowledge that such comics existed.
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Fright Night?
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zamboni: YES!
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