Crowdsourcing my retail therapy: would like to find this drinking glass
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Hello everyone. I would like to find this glass: (Muffin top not needed.) Does it look familiar to anyone? I have tried the Google and not yet found it. It must be somewhere. I feel like I would be happier with it (x8). Thanks!
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Looks like it could be this one?
posted by Mchelly at 9:29 AM on February 5 [1 favorite]

This has the slight flaring in your photo
posted by Glomar response at 9:40 AM on February 5

Thank you both!
posted by theredpen at 10:05 AM on February 5 [2 favorites]

Whoa, those are neat! I could fill my cupboards with those and tulip beer glasses!
posted by wenestvedt at 11:14 AM on February 5 [2 favorites]

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