Lost Lion Latch-Hook? Replacement ideas needed
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Any idea where I could get the pattern for Wonderart Lion Latch Hook Kit, 27" X 40" without re-buying the whole kit?

So I got about 10% into this pattern when somehow the pattern that came with it separated from my bag where I keep the yarn, canvas, and hook. I've torn up my apartment and the other houses it might have been left but no luck. My cursory and deeper searches haven't turned up anything online. Worst case scenario I will buy it, copy the pattern, and return it but I don't want to be that guy if I can help it. Has anyone else somehow finished this project but kept the pattern? Or if you still have it and could scan it? OR ANYTHING OTHER IDEAS?
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My first thought is to contact the Spinrite company and ask for their help -- it seems likely to me that they'd want to help.
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Check ebay for the pattern?
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