Simple app to track arrival time for work and gym?
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I'm trying to reinforce my morning routine, because I'm happier when I stick to it. I'm motivated by tracking. So I'm looking for a simple app where I can push the button to say "I'm here" and see my stats. Any ideas?

I'm explicitly not looking for an app like 4square or Yelp that is designed for . Also, the habit tracking apps I've work for basic "I made it to the gym" type stuff, and you could write "I made it to the gym by 7:30" but I'd explicitly like something that isn't so black and white.

Ideally, this would let you set up "at gym" and "at work" and then just click the button when you got there. And there'd be a running average/tracking type thing (that allowed you to exclude weekends, if possible).

Any ideas? I know that this can be done with a spreadsheet, but I find the app/moving average model motivating.
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Sorry - I screwed up the second paragraph - it should read "I'm explicitly not looking for an app like 4 square or yelp that is designed for public check ins." I also don't care about GPS location. But as I type this, I realize that maybe this could be automatic with IFTTT, but I know nothing about that world.
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The Streaks app does what you describe.
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I really like Habitty (for iPhone) which does exactly this. You can set up whatever label/task, give it a color, and then just check it off. When you open the app you can see the whole list (mine are set up like a rainbow because it’s very cute) and just click on whatever you have done to check it off. Very easy. You can also click around more to see the whole month, percentage, etc. It’s very satisfying to see the checkmarks, and you can set reminders and goals (like 3x/week, M-F, etc) if you want. The downside is that it doesn’t back up so I did lose two years of tracking, which was very sad and also a lesson in impermanence? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I did something similar when I was quitting smoking with a Google form and spreadsheet. The form had 2 questions and I put a link on the homescreen of my phone. It automatically created a time stamp which was nice as I was trying to track length of time between nicotine gum usage.
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this could be automatic with IFTTT
Yeah, you can put timestamps into a Google sheet with IFTTT and then write a chart or whatever that updates based on those values.
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Just to add, Streaks does everything fleecy socks describes and also does automatic backups (icloud/local and even exports to csv if you like)
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Thanks all - does Streaks track time of day? I can't see that in the app preview, but it's the key piece that I'm looking for - tracking not just that I went to the gym or work, but when I did.
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If you’re on iOS, this would be pretty simple to roll your own using shortcuts and a spreadsheet.
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I use the app Life Cycle to track time spent in various places- it tracks everything automatically (as long as it has permission, it operates in the background, and you edit the locations so they can be grouped together or not), and then shows you the data, either by day, week, month or year. I can see exactly how much time I spend at my work everyday, as well as the different schools where I do consulting work- it shows me the exact times I am at specific places.
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