Recommend me some puzzle books!
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I recently found out about puzzle books and my partner and I completed The Librarian's Almanaq last month and loved it. Can you recommend more of the same please?! I know there is a sequel to that one on Kickstarter: Conjurer's Almanaq. We enjoyed the variety of puzzles it provided and just solving it together over a period of time (maybe like 5 or 6 evenings) and that it was a screen-free activity too. Whatcha got?
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PandA Magazine! They publish an issue every 2 months, which has a puzzle hunt plus a bunch of one-off puzzles in similar styles. You could go through all the back issues and be busy for a long time. Some of the puzzles require internet research, so not entirely screen-free. The author, Foggy Brume, also has a book of variety cryptic puzzles.

There are a ton of other puzzle hunts you can download, some free and some paid. PandA has a page listing "extravaganzas." Also check out Mark Halpin's Labor Day puzzle hunts, which I find to be significantly more difficult than PandA.
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Also, I see that the conjurer's almanaq is already available.
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The Maze of Games by Mike Selinker
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This is slightly more involved but our family recently really enjoyed the "experience" we got from the Mysterious Package Company.
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