Looking for a UHD or 4k Image of the Minneapolis,MN Skyline
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I am looking for a UHD (3840x2160) or 4k (4096x2160 that I can crop) image of the Minneapolis,MN skyline that I can use as wallpaper on my computer...

I have been to a dozen websites and looked at 100's of city skyline images over the past week or two, and I can find anything you can imagine EXCEPT an image of the Minneapolis, MN skyline.

Well, I did find one, but the person wanted $499 for a 3840x2160 digital file. I would prefer to not pay that price when I can get 100s of other cities without any cost, and it's just to be put into my wallpaper folder to cycle through anyway.

I would prefer to not capture a still image from a 4k video.

Even my wife, who can find anything online, can't find anything. Anyone have any directions they can point me to complete my quest?
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There are dozens on Unsplash, just crop to your desired dimensions.
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There are many large Minneapolis images on Flickr, and you can adjust that search to only include CC-licensed pics if you prefer.
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You're welcome to use https://www.flickr.com/photos/kaszeta/4181869755, although it's 9 years old.
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I don't know if this will help, but I did a Google Images search for "minneapolis skyline creative commons" and then used the Tools option to select Larger than 12 MP and the first hit was this one. FWIW.
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Thanks for the help, everyone. I didn't even think of Flickr (I am a video guy, not a photo guy, which was probably my problem).
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