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I have some found text (lists of words and phrases) that I'm using for a writing project. I'm looking for some easy online tools to manipulate the text to help me get ideas. I've found plenty of tools to shuffle the order of entries, and I can translate back and forth. What are some other tools that can help? I'm especially interested in any kind of erasure tool, but I'd love any tips.
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Have you seen the Lazarus Corporation's Cut-ups & the Text Mixing Desk? Similar.
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I've had great fun with the Internet Anagram Server, it'll handle quite long strings.

I used it once to try and pop the myth\propaganda that New Zealand is a
"clean green land'

which gave me

'canned allergen'
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Would something like WordClouds help to inspire you?
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The Internet Anagram Server will only do 26 characters, but I'll look for another site.

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I've had interesting results from Markov chain text generators, specifically this one. Though you do sometimes have to sift a lot of garbage out first.
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Always been a big fan of this Travesty Generator.
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Blackout poetry toy:
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