Fun (ironic) tunes to play on the Flutophone
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A friend of mine gave me a Flutophone as a joke. Now ofcourse I have to counter this by getting at least a proper song under my belt, that is NOT a Christian hymn, or a kids song.

I've tried Eye of the Tiger, and the Star Wars tune, and a bit of the recorder solo in "Fool on the Hill", but I can't get the highest note out, because I think it doesn't exist on the Flutophone.

All your song suggestions are very welcome!
With notes even better.
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Blowing in the wind

76 trombones

Lovely bunch of coconuts

Shaving cream
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I had never heard of a Flutophone, but looking it up, it seems like it's a one-octave (plus) instrument. (This video has a chart that goes from Middle C to the D above the one-octave C).

Given that, it seems like you should be able to play any song that has the one-octave range. This is a list of songs that are able to be played on the harmonica. They should all fall into that one-octave restriction. There are harmonica tabs (if you can read those) to help you along.

Hope that helps. Please let us know what you finally decide to learn.
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It looks like the Tonette has a range of just over an octave. The thing that came to mind was Country Gardens, which suits the range perfectly, but is not particularly ironic.
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I’m a flutophone enthusiast and my favorite song to play is “Erie Canal.” It is an easy song to find online and easy to play on the flutophone.
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Can you play All Star by Smashmouth?
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I've played recorder for *mumblemumble* decades, used to teach, and HIGHLY recommend the Team Recorder YouTube.

Among their videos they have tutorials for various songs - the one I was just looking at was Hedwig's theme from the Harry Potter movies. has a huge database of songs entered by users that's searchable by instrument. if you search for recorder you should be able to find stuff for your flutophone.
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Low Rider
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I not good at ironic, but I can read music. The Flutophone's range is C5 to D6. A long list of songs (but no sheet music) for an instrument with the same range, the Ocarina.
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An easy tune is the well-recognized Ode to Joy, from Beethoven's 9th Symphony.
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the Jurassic Park theme
Bad Romance
the only part from Final Countdown anyone cares about
Darude's Sandstorm
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Smoke on the water
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"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" in the key of C-Major seems doable, especially if you dispense with the g-sharp on the "me" of *buy me some" and just play a g-natural. And Harpo thought it was lowbrow enough to be funny on his instrument.

I'm in bed and on my phone right now, but if you're interested I can notate it for you tomorrow.
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Awesome! thanks so much!
And so useful to see those sites with songs-by-range.

By now I've got the Ode to Joy covered, and working on my Final Countdown.
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