Street photography in San Francisco
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Where can I find pictures of street photography in San Francisco on the internet that aren't cliched and touristy?
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What are "pictures of street photography"?
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For historic street photography of San Fran, try Joseph Selle.

Contemporary? I got nothing...
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How about a tag search on Flickr?
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Best answer: i'd just search flickr with different tags for SF... you'd have to srot through a fair amount of touristy stuff, but i'd be willing to be you would:
1) find what you want
2) possibly be able to use it legally through a creative commons license
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Actually, there's a group for this on flickr.
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Ask this question at the Streetphoto forums, which I administrate. We have several members in SF.

Here are some of mine from about 8 yrs ago.
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Although personally, I think this group is even better.
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Ask here or craigslist and see if someone will be willing to wander around and take photos for you. *shrug* If I lived in SF, I'd do it.
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Best answer: You shoud search Magnum for "San Francisco" (you'll probably need to register for that link to work. And be aware that a couple pages in there's a picture of a naked, tattooed woman kissing a tattooed pig.) There's some of Susan Meiselas' "Streetscape" project, Carl de Keyzer's coverage of Fleet Week, and at least one cool picture by Josef Koudelka. Poke around there, and I'm sure you'll find some more. The agency was founded, in part, by one of the fathers of modern street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Looks like he's got at least one shot from San Francisco, though it's far from his best.

Maybe iN-PUBLIC has something, too, but it's hard to search.
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Are you looking for contemprary stuff or historic? There are several sources of historic street photography:

SF Library Archives
SF Government Archives
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She sells prints at affordable prices, and based upon the quality of the print I ordered I'd happily reccommend it to others.
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A San Francisco tag search at also may get some interesting results.
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