Can you identify this mystery hanging toiletry bag?
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On a recent trip, my spouse and I discovered that he owns the platonic ideal of a hanging toiletry bag - right size, number of compartments, material. We only have one and I'd like to buy another one, but I can't identify the brand or product. The zippers have a logo "AT" with triangles above and below, which is difficult to Google. Imgur pictures here.

It's about 8 inches across and 10 inches down when it's zipped up. I initially thought it might be the L.L. Bean organizer but not only is it not branded that way, as you can see in the photos, there are subtle differences in the number of compartments and size.
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Best answer: That is an American Tourister zipper pull, if that helps any.
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Is it this one?

I like these quests.
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Best answer: Here it is on ebay
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Response by poster: Wow -- nine minutes. Fantastic. advicepig, thank you so much -- you are totally right, it is American Tourister and that is the very bag! Thank you!! Just ordered!
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I have the most trivial superpowers. Glad I could help.
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Side note for posterity. Walmart stocks this bag (I have the exact one, got it at a Walmart in Dallas)
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