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What is the 2019 version of this extremely cheap but entirely sufficient laptop?

I bought my little Asus laptop in 2015 for like $215 from Newegg. It worked great for two years, marginally well for one, and is now old and sad.

I want to buy something similar but I'm getting overwhelmed by choice.

I would like to spend around $225, ideally less. Refurb or open box is fine.

I only need to, like, open an occasional Word doc and file my taxes using a full-sized keyboard. I guess I could be convinced to get a Chromebook. I really loved that my old computer was tiny and light. I have other devices for music, streaming, and most web browsing.

What cheap computer should I buy?
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Datapoint: I adore my Chromebook. So far, Excel and Word open just fine into google docs. And I borrowed a USB keyboard from work last year and did my taxes no problem. I have the cheapest Lenovo one. It's suspiciously light.
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Another datapoint: I bought a $189 Dell Inspiron Laptop at BJ's on a whim 2 weeks ago and it came with 32 GB, which I thought was more than fine for what I wanted the laptop for. I then realized that the operating system (Windows 10, etc) takes up about 25 GB (and that is stripped down of any crapware) so I actually only have 7 GB free. Which again, I didn't mind too much but then I had to do a Windows update and it required me to plug in a 14 GB+ flash drive because there was not enough memory in the laptop to update itself. It was then I realized why it was only $189.
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It looks like the ASUS VivoBook E203MA (Newegg link; Amazon also seems to have them, and with some different options) is almost a direct replacement upgrade - 11" screen, windows 10 instead of 8, 4GB memory instead of 2, 64GB storage instead of 32. It's $230 and you'll need to BYO MS Office.

FYI I found this by going to the NewEgg "Laptops & Notebooks" section and narrowing by price, starting with a range of $125-250. Then I required Win10 as an operating system to exclude Chromebooks since you said Windows/Office. I've also had mostly good experiences with Google docs, but I find that as far as Office compatibility, it works until it doesn't, and that always seems to kick in at exactly the wrong time.
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I love my acer Chromebook. Google Docs suits my needs.
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I got my Lenovo Chromebook for $149 in 2017 and it is holding up just fine. I got the cheapest one I could find at the time. The only thing I have not yet done with it is download photos but I think I could with Google, just have not tried to yet. I have a Windows 7 Acer laptop I use for pictures but it is slow and clunky. And heavy! Google Docs does all the word processing I need so far and saving things in Google Drive works well.
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I've bought a few refurbished off-lease business laptops from Dell which have worked well, in the low $200s. Make sure you get a solid state drive instead of a spinning disk-- you can tell because the capacities are 128, 256, 512 GB as opposed to round numbers. Dell has 40-50% off sales monthly or so, so sign up for their mailing list if you want an alert. They're a few years old, but the ones I've gotten have been in good shape.

Also, I think that you can still upgrade Windows 7/8 to 10 for free, just by installing it and using the same key code, even though the official free upgrade program has ended. That might make your search easier.
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Would one of your other devices support a bluetooth keyboard? I got one for $5 used, and it + GDocs would probably get you through your use cases on a tablet.

If you need for-real MS Office only once in a while, public and university libraries or FedEx stores can fix you up.

(I personally have a refurb corporate laptop with LibreOffice installed, and it's great and was cheap. But it sounds like you might not even need a laptop.)
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I would strongly advise getting the most internal storage you can. 64GB is probably adequate, but if you can find one with a micro sd card slot, even better. You might not want the extra storage right away, but 32GB is just too small these days.

I run an Acer Iconia tablet as a backup Windows machine. It has only 2GB of RAM but runs Win 10 and Office 365 like a champ, as long as I am careful to limit myself to one or two open apps at a time. Since it does have a micro SD card slot, I've added a 200GB card and point my documents, pictures, etc. folders there (which Windows 8 and 10 do nicely) and my Dropbox as well (which requires trickery but works seamlessly).

The storage built into most of the machines is not as fast as true SSD-class storage, but often seems faster than the slow-as-molasses 5400 RPM spinning disk in my i5 laptop. As long as you're not a gamer, these low end Windows machines are amazingly useful.
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