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Greetings all! In the midst of a career change, and looking for advice. Likely field is digital marketing. Lots of free options, courtesy of Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, etc. Another option is formal education/training - for example, the eCornell "digital marketing certificate" program. Any advice/recommendations on any or all such options? Much appreciated, MeFites!

FYI - my background is 20 years military healthcare (MHA from Baylor), followed by 10 years in online news/social media management.
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I'd strongly suggest speaking to people that have jobs like the one you want and ask them what they think. Sometimes these certificates are pretty meaningless (and are purely to make money for the school.)
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Best answer: There was a great thread about this recently in the helpful Social Media Geek Out Facebook group.
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Best answer: I'm in a digital marketing analytics role (and have been since 2002). I've been in the shared service team of a global brand for a couple of years (previously agency), and they place a lot of importance on personal development objectives (something I've never really bothered with).

I slightly half-heartedly scrambled around looing for education / certifications to let me tick the box in that section of my annual goals this year, and to be honest finding stuff that appears genuinely valuable was hard.

I ended up targeting the certification that our social intelligence vendor offers (I did it at the weekend, and it was extremely easy - better understood as an achievement badge than real education), and am looking at Google Analytics Academy & Facebook Blueprint for the rest of the year (FB Blueprint is well-regarded).

Hootsuite certifications weren't quite right for my role I think (again I get a sense they are quite lightweight, and emphasise publishing / adminstration rather than analytics).

I have colleagues that have done the Google Squared Online course - which is very well regarded indeed, but quite intensive and I'm not sure how you get involved (I think it might have been invite only to corporate partners at one time). Of all the options, that's the one I think I'd look hardest at in your shoes.

The other one to look at if relevant is the Salesforce Trailhead curriculum. I think many / most of those can be self-guided.

Very happy to talk more about this if you'd find it useful.

PS nice to see a MeFi old-timer's name cropping up again ;)
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