Raymond Chandler story mentioning characteristics of movie stars ?
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I'm trying to find the name of a Raymond Chandler short story in which a character, an executive in the film business, is used to express an opinion on the personal characteristics of movie stars. More inside ...

There is a Raymond Chandler story which features a private detective (but not, I think, Marlowe) who at the start of the story goes to visit a film company executive .

I can't remember anything about the plot but I do remember that while the plot is being set up the film company executive passes an opinion on why the personal lives of some film stars may be erratic.

He says something like "the same thing that makes them difficult, fragile people makes them glow when projected forty foot high on a screen".

This may be the same Chandler short story in which a film company executive has some dogs which urinate on his office carpet and he's totally relaxed about it ... or it may not. As anyone who's read some Chandler will attest the characters and settings of the stories tend to get reused from one story to another.
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November 1945 In the Atlantic?
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Response by poster: Thanks Ideefixe but no it's not that (although that was an interesting read).

What I have in mind is a short story in which the characters express, what I guess are, Raymond Chandler's own opinions .
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