Spanish language: sometimes a button is just a button?
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In the lovely Luis Enrique song Yo No Se Mañana, there is a line where I wonder if I am missing an idiom (I'm lazily learning Spanish): "De un café pasamos al sofa, de un boton a todo lo demas." The literal (machine) translation is "From a coffee we go to the sofa, from a button to everything else." Does "un boton" refer to sexytimes or ...? A kiss? A button on the TV remote next to the sofa?
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I don't speak Spanish, but I would parse that as him taking off her clothes (and vice versa), starting with undoing one button. Then sexytimes.

But I I will also defer to anyone who knows if that's an idiom.
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Oh, right, clothes have buttons. I feel foolish!
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Also remember that un is both "a" and "one" I think the best translation is "From the cafe we moved on to the sofa, from one button [we moved on] to all the rest" because it's also a parallel construction with the shared verb.
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Don't feel too foolish, my first thought was button was somehow a euphemism for clitoris!
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