Best way to recolor scuffed/faded shoe heels (plastic)?
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My wife has some high-heeled shoes with chunky plastic heels that are supposed to be black, but a lot of the coloring has scuffed off in the back, making it the natural whitish color of the plastic beneath. What is the best way to paint/color/dye these back to a uniform black?
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I've used black nail polish.
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I’ve used a black Sharpie. Honestly, you’d have to get down to ground level to notice it.
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Sharpie works great. It doesn't last forever, so she will have to reapply every few times she wears them, but they are cheap and ubiquitous, so that shouldn't be a problem.
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Black Sharpie. I did this when I had a similar problem.
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Nail polish ftw. You can get matte, semi-gloss, or gloss to match the original material.

If it doesn't match up well, you can recolour the entire heel area.
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I've used both black permanent marker pens and black electrical tape for these purposes. The electrical tape is a little more hard wearing but may be more obvious if the heel has a large flat surface.
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There's a product just for that called edge dressing or a competitor's products.
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