Travel ideas for Europe in Feb
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I'm heading to Europe and have a week in Feb unaccounted for. Where should I go?

I like warm weather and most of Europe isn't warm in Feb. I've considered Malta or Tenerife. Malta would be ideal in a lot of ways (don't need a car, feels like it would be a manageable amount to see rather than feeling overwhelming, not freezing cold, safe for a female on her own) but from what I've read, it is likely to be cloudy and raining for a good portion of the month. The temperatures don't sound so bad but the clouds and rain do! Tenerife's weather looks much better but will be a pain for me to get there. Any places I haven't considered but should?
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Malta is 60F so if that qualifies for warm for you, you have loads of choice. What about Lisbon and/or Porto?
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I'm going to Gran Canaria for a weekend next month - should be decentish weather and great scenery (I'm planning some via ferrata and hiking / trail running). Last year I went to Istanbul in January which wasn't too cold as long you kept moving and interesting to wander for a weekend. Also went to Madeira at the start of March which was beautiful weather on the coast but got stormy up in the mountains (maybe I was unlucky though).
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You can get last year's monthly readings showing actual temps on for anywhere you're considering. It's possible you've already done this. When I just checked Nice in France, there were quite a few days in the high fifties last March 2018 . Nice is a usually sunny and a vibrant seaside city with much to do anytime of the year.
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Iceland is pretty far out on the fringes of Europe, but it's an awesome place. And the water is lovely, even though the air is freezing. You can attempt to see the Northern lights via 4x4 tour.
It's also pretty safe for a solo female traveller.
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For mainland Europe - Malaga is not a bad choice: interesting city with lots to do and great food - but also easy to get to because it is part of a popular holiday area. Temperatures might be around 15-20 Celsius with plenty of sun.

Tenerife and the rest of the canaries are warmer - maybe 20-25 degrees - so still not sea swimming warm (nowhere in Europe really is in Feb). If I were going to make a specific suggestion, head for Puerto de La Cruz in the north of Tenerife. A bus will take you there from the airport - and inexpensive bus or taxi rides will take you round the rest of the island. Plenty to do for a week there.
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