Optimizing Windows 10 Tablet Mode usuability?
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How can I make Windows 10 Tablet mode work better? I have a 2-in-1 laptop and it is great as a laptop and useful for watching Netflix on the treadmill at the gym as a tablet but it is pretty terrible at just being a usable tablet compared to my android tablet. Are there any tricks, hacks, apps, or mods that can make the Windows 10 Tablet experience better?
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Terrible in what way? People will be better able to help you address specifics. There may also be settings on your specific brand of tablet you can adjust.
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Yes, specifics, please. All the problems I've had with Windows 10 on a tablet involve trying to work with standard Windows desktop apps, and there are so few good Metro-or-whatever-it's-called interface apps that it makes Windows 10 not good as a tablet OS.
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