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My morning voice sounds like Barry White played through a subwoofer caked in mud. How do I sound like this always?

Tips and tricks for rich decadent throat pipes. Also good is info about why your voice sounds deeper in the mornings. I'd Google but nowadays its dogshit for anything health/body related.

If you suggest the Dame Nellie Melba thing, I'll need at least 3 proper citations.
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I believe the reason it sounds deeper is, basically, mucous. You get some mucous buildup overnight that makes your vocal chords sort of thicker, and they vibrate slower. Also, probably, the muscles in your neck and chest are just more relaxed from you being asleep all night, which also makes your voice deeper and more resonant.

To try to deepen your voice just get in the habit of taking deep breaths and speaking from deep down in your chest rather than up in your throat. Stretch out your neck and shoulders, maintain good posture—stand up straight, shoulders back—and try to stay relaxed especially in the chest and shoulder area. If you can make a habit of some of this stuff, it'll richen your voice a bit. Most of it is just good to do in general, as well.
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I am extremely amused at the Dame Nellie Melba reference. The dear stage hands; always willing to help in any way they can. (I can only cite the farewell speech.)

I am afraid this changes throughout the day for most anyone. Speaking warms your voice up, for better or worse. I don’t think there’s a way to preserve it.

(I always wish I could preserve my extra low notes when I have a cold. No dice.)
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Acting techniques including speaking from the chest may not be exactly the same but will deepen your voice if done properly. This works even if your natural pitch (which can be determined from where your voice falls when you cough or sneeze) is naturally light. Source: professional actor (not me).
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The real question is how/why you got the red "B" in the title...
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