Illinois Driver's license renewal -how fussy is IL about addresses now?
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I have to renew my Illinois driver's license. For many years I have used a family member's address for license/registration purposes with no issues (I can receive mail in my name at that address, and it's a former residence of mine.) I'm concerned that these new verification steps where the state runs some sort of unexplained "fraud check" will result in problems, given that my voter registration, tax records, etc. are linked to a different address. Does anyone have any recent post "central issuance" experience with this?
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I know someone in your scenario (car/license at a suburban address, voter reg where she actually lives) who recently got nailed for not having a city sticker, so it does seem like they’re cross-checking stuff more than they used to.
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(Which is to say that you should probably just change your address to your actual address.)
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What is the reason you can’t just get a license with your current address?
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Yeah I would not do this. Among other things it might be frowned on by your insurance company. With RealID coming (I’m not sure if you have this yet?) it may well throw a flag in the system.

What address do you use for your car registration and insurance?
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IANAL, IANYL. 625 ILCS 5/6-106(b): "Every application shall state the [...] residence address of the applicant."
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Yes, seems like the easy and no-more-thinking answer is to change the address on the license to your residence.
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Echoing if it's citysticker related they are getting stricter about it.
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Sounds like the consensus is that my time of 'sticking it to the man' is drawing to a close. (I have a ridiculous number of low value cars and our local "Wheel Tax" is a flat per-car fee rather than being linked to the value of the vehicle(s), so it's kind of unfair to people who have multiple beaters which aren't even street parked) Spouse's car has always been registered & taxed properly, so we've been paying, just perhaps not quite as much as we should. I guess we're going legit. Thanks to all who answered!
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