Help Me Buy New Winter Jacket
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Have been using my son-in-law's cast-off XS men's down and feather jacket for the past year. It's now shedding feathers whenever I take it off, and has holes in various places. Help me find a replacement.

I will be buying a new winter jacket online during an upcoming visit to the US. I image it will be a mens (or boys) jacket because I need pockets. The old jacket has four large outside pockets (two across the top and two across the bottom, on either side of the central zipper). So there is plenty of room for phone, keys, and gloves. An amazingly deep zipper pocket inside on the left holds my water bottle and wallet.

Ideally, I want to buy a jacket in a color other than black or brown; that isn't overly long (so I have easy access to my back jeans pocket), that keeps me warm in 20-degrees F, and that can be machine washed. The number one requirement, above all else, is that the jacket is blessed with as many pockets as the one I wear now. Does such a magical jacket exist for 200 bucks or less? I am 5'5" and slim so probably XS in men's, S in women's. Thanks, hive mind!
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Best answer: The Carhartt Cryder jacket might be a good choice. It is insulated, machine washable, has two large pockets on the outside and two interior pockets, one with zipper. That might not be enough pockets for you though.
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Best answer: I bought new winter coats and jackets for my family for a winter trip to Germany last year. Pockets are plentiful on the jackets/coats we bought. Outside and inside. Currently there are sales right now for outerwear to clear inventory for spring. Example: Macy's. Visit any department store. Selection might be picked over. However, you will most likely find something because you are a size small. Larger sizes first to go.
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Best answer: What is the make of the current jacket you have? I would start there.

Penfield parkas are on mega sale right now. The hoosac and kirby models have pockets to the sky. Some color options there. Very warm, but they're a bit longer than you might be wanting.

This is out of your price range, but the build quality on Fjallraven jackets is intense. There are some outlets offering deals this time of year on the Greenland Winter jackets; again, pockets for days. My everyday wear is a fjallraven jacket (but lighter than you're requirements) it was expensive, but it has lasted years of hard wear, and I regret nothing about the purchase. Their sizing is weird, so check the sizing charts before you buy. I usually wear a large or medium jacket, and the small is alllllmost too big. My wife experienced the same thing with hers.

If waterproof isn't part of your criteria, I would start searching for 'chore coats' they're usually short, insulated, and have loads of pockets....but often limited to browns, blacks and olives.
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Best answer: Orthogonal to your question, but I've had great luck putting a little bit of Tenacious Tape over holes in down jackets. It's almost invisible and patches the hole perfectly.
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Best answer: The Duluth Trading Company Cold Faithful has 8 pockets and looks nice, and like all DTC products, is highly functional. They pretty much always have a 30 percent off sale.
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Check out Lands' End and Eddie Bauer. I've bought coats from both companies that have lasted forever. I got a new coat this year from Lands' End that has three big pockets, fits great, and seems to be made very well. They're both having sales now, too, and they have a big selection.
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Uniqlo for cheap down (still very warm).
Arcteryx for high-quality. I’ve been wearing my Arcteryx Thorium down jacket in Toronto’s recent cold snap (-30) and been toasty. Not waterproof, but ok in snow or rain showers.
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I’d check out Patagonia. They have an great mix of brands, and excellent customer service if you wanted to send them an email.
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I have & love the Duluth Trading coat rockindata linked above. Very functional, oodles of pockets, and kept me warm walking to a concert venue in -10° F weather tonight. It does come down to mid-thigh on me, but has a bit of a flared shape and a 2 way zipper, so I don't think you'd have trouble getting to your pants pockets.
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Where will you be traveling in the states?

If you're coming to California you will be hard pressed to find a good selection of winter gear, there are already swim suits in the stores. You will most likely need to order online, or try a ski outlet type of store.

I suspect you'll fare much better if you're going to one of the states that has actual weather.
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