Eyebrow Razors (good quality)
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Whenever I am in Asia I find Japanese-brand eyebrow razors but the ones I get in the US (usually at CVS) are lower quality, not as sharp. I think i ordered from Amazon once too and was not satisfied. Anyone know where I can get good quality, sharp, eyebrow razors? Is Shiseido brand on amazon good? Should I order directly from Japanese supplier? Thanks.
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I should clarify: I'm currently in thr United States.
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I have had good experiences with these Japanese razors, sold on Amazon. (Is that the type of razor you're talking about?)
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I've had the same issue with some dull razors, and I prefer this brand on Amazon.
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I find that it really helps to get the ones without the little protective "combs" meant to stop you from cutting yourself. That said, those are increasingly impossible to find.
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I like the Shiseido razors in BlahLaLa's link, though I use them for chin and mustache hairs, not eyebrows. However, I did have one instance where an Amazon seller sent me some knock-off brand instead, and it was sort of a pain to get a refund. (I still went through the process because I don't appreciate that bait and switch nonsense.)
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If you have a Japanese brand you like, it's worth looking for it on Amazon.co.jp. Their shipping rates to the US (especially for Prime items) have dropped a lot in the past few years.

Also if you don't know/can't read the name of your Japanese ones but have a photo of the packaging, we can help with search terms. :)
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You can buy a lot of Japanese brand beauty products on Amazon. I get these, they are super sharp. They however aren't that small. They also make these. Which I haven't used personally but hear good things about them from my MIL. I've had good luck for the most part ordering razors from Amazon, but there are some forgeries out there, I used to use the twinkle razors that everyone raved about but the market got flooded with cheap copies & they didn't work as well. Make sure you can do returns would be my suggestion.
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Do you have a local Daiso near you? I've gotten Japanese eyebrow razors there that I love, and they stay sharp for quite a while.
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If you're open to non-Japanese shavettes, there's the Parker SR1 and the Daune (more pics), both of which take (or can take, in the case of the Parker) standard double-edge razor blades available everywhere.
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I like the Feather Flamingo, which is a different form factor than most of these, but is both Japanese and super sharp. I tried them out because of brand loyalty to their double-edged safety razor blades.
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Are you close to a big Japanese grocery store, like Mitsuwa or Uwajimaya? I've seen those razors in their personal care section.
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If you're looking for a Japanese supplier then Dokodemo has quite a few.
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I've gotten this brand from Sally Beauty, and they work well.
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