Aftermarket mopar part?
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I'm trying to find this mopar part # 68235446AA for much cheaper than $50. I can not for the life of me find any generic or aftermarket version for this part, fitting a 2015 Dodge Journey. Does such a thing exist?
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This seems like a really good part to get from a pick-n-pull place. It is probably used on a number of different Chrysler/dodge/Jeep vehicles and it isn’t like the windshield wipers get messed up in most crashes.
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ADvance Auto

Never mind that is the rear wiper arm
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Would you be willing to install a second-hand part? If so, there are a number of salvage yard auto parts search engines online that make short work of finding the part locally, and whether it's available as a U-Pull, or they'll pull:


Auto Part Search

Get Used Parts

Salvage Yard


Parts Hotlines

Find A Part Now
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Good ideas, thanks.
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