Where to buy Italian foodstuffs in the Seattle area?
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I'm looking for an Italian market that sells fresh or frozen pasta and ravioli and other Italian specialty items. Bonus points for fresh mozzarella availability. Northern King County and Snohomish County preferred, please.
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Big John's PFI is great, although I'm not sure about the fresh pasta.
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Delaurentis in pike market ain’t bad. Near the fish throwers
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La Pasta is great for fresh pastas and raviolis that you can freeze (I have some squid ink pasta in my freezer now). They are at the University District Farmers' Market on Saturdays.

There are also a number of folks selling fresh mozzarella at the market too.

It's a year round market, so you could check them out this Saturday.
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La Pasta also has a storefront on 35th Ave NE and NE 91st St in Seattle. Either way, it's worth a visit.
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My friend really likes Pasteria Lucchese -- the guy at the Ballard Farmer's Market is quite charming, and in the summer, they're also at the Edmonds Farmer's Market. I don't recall there being fresh mozzarella, though.
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Big John's PFI and DeLaurenti are the stock answer for "Seattle" but that's quite a drive from the county line these days. Have you been to Central Market, on Aurora? It's a big grocery store with a lot of imported goods. They have fresh pasta in the cold cases at the back of the deli area. Loads of European cheeses and meats.
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There's a Central Market in Mill Creek, too, if that's more convenient.
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Thank you for the answers. This is for a family member in the Seattle area. They commute into the city, so they could feasibly shop at Big John's and DeLaurenti, but knowing their habits, it is probably a stretch for a regular stop, and definitely not on the weekends.
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