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Hi, AskMe. :) I bought a game on a whim a week or so back, and was pleased to discover it's ~98% accessible to the blind, almost by accident. I'm wondering how I might go about bridging the gap?

I bought X3: Terran Conflict, on Steam, mostly because I liked its description, and was struck by the amount of audio it offers. I have to use my screen reader's kind of clunky OCR feature to get access to the game's menus and such, but was successfully able to make a Twitch stream of some gameplay and get in touch with a very helpful community on Reddit. I'm trying to teach myself the internal scripting language, though am hampered somewhat by the official forums seeming a bit focused on its sequel at the moment.

I'm wondering what other game accessibility resources might be available. i'm kind of blazing new ground here and am torn between the desire to post to let everybody know what I've discovered, and the need to make things a bit easier first. I feel like my patience for weird accessibility glitches, convoluted instructions, and such is a bit higher than some.

Does anybody have personal experience in this field they might be willing to share? Might I be able to get in touch with anyone on Twitch, Twitter, or whatever, either for advice on the game itself or just hand-holding a bit through the process of a kind of large project like this? Much like a player in the game itself, I'm struggling a bit with how to get started. I know a lot of things I probably need to do but was never very good at deciding an order to do them.
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Here’s a nice list of resources for blind gamers, near the end there are links to a newsgroup and listserv, I don’t know how active they are but it seems like a place to start looking for community discussion of this stuff.
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This list of links to gaming accessibility resources also might be worth perusing. I do not have too much experience with this part of gaming, but I wish you all the best.
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