Gotta buy a dishwasher
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I need to buy a dishwasher - looking for recommendations under $600, preferably based on 4-6 months minimum use experience.
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This was just asked a little bit ago, probably some good answers for you.
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A dishwasher repairman I talked to about a year ago said to always get the second-cheapest Bosch.
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We did exactly what Pacrand suggests, and got the second cheapest Bosch we could find at Lowe's. We got it during some holiday in 2017 (maybe Labor Day?) and with discounts it was a hair over $500 if I'm remembering right. Model number SHXM6, advertised as 44dBA.

So far it's been an absolute dream. Effective cleaner, whisper quiet, no issues. Would absolutely recommend a Bosch if you're able.
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Bosch is literally the only one to consider.
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Last February, I bought a KitchenAid KDFE104DWH for $549, and I love it. It is pretty quiet (although not whisper-silent like more expensive models). It is easy to load / fits lots of pots, pans, and dishes. It has a real heated-dry option. It gets the dishes clean.

It's not the fanciest dishwasher in the world but it sure gets the job done, and I am very pleased with it.
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No personal experience I'm afraid, but Consumer Reports' number one dishwasher (not just best buy, best period) is the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC which retails for $580. It ranks as Excellent for predicted reliability, washing, and owner satisfaction. It is also Excellent in energy efficiency, and Very Good in the drying and noise categories. Their one ding on it is that you have to clean the filter manually.

Here is their summary:
The combination of superior performance and features that more commonly appear on pricier washers make this entry-level Bosch a great value. It scores among the top of the budget class for washing, drying, and quiet operation, and its 95-minute cycle for a normal wash is almost the shortest of any washer that CR tests. On CR surveys, owners give Bosch dishwashers top marks for reliability and satisfaction.
Consumer Reports has been at this for a very long time, generations at this point. They do real, scientific, in-depth testing. They are independent, and do not accept advertisements or affiliate income. They even buy their test units from regular dealers and appliance stores at full price, secret shopper style, to make sure that they're not getting cherry-picked samples. I trust them, especially for things like large appliances. They're the real McCoy.

Whatever model you get, I would recommend buying your dishwasher from a real appliance store rather than Home Depot or Lowes. The big-box stores are notorious for getting manufacturers to make them special versions of a given appliance model, with cheaper parts—plastic fittings instead of brass, for instance—so that they can undercut the competition. Don't go for that, the last thing you want is to save $20 but then have your dishwasher break down in two years.
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I've had two Bosch Ascenta dishwashers and they have both suffered from sticking detergent dispensers, which is maddening. After trying the instructions here to fix it, the problem did not go away. Be wary of any Bosch that has a dispenser that looks like the one in the link above. In my experience, it WILL fail.

I'm also looking for a new dishwasher (mainly because of the above issue), and I had ruled out Bosch, but it is amazing how many people are singing the praises. I'll have to reconsider, but will definitely not be buying one with that dispenser design.
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The big-box stores are notorious for getting manufacturers to make them special versions

I just want to emphasize this point beyond simply favoriting it -- they even do this for window blinds, for heavens sake. Whatever you choose, do not buy from a big box store unless you are certain you are getting the exact model number you want. Not even one digit off.
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I think I weighed in on the other dishwasher thread, but IMO, Bosch is overrated. Have had two failures of drain pumps on our Ascenta. The washing performance is pretty mediocre (it IS quiet though) and having to manually clean the drain filter periodically is an annoying extra step with no real benefit for the consumer, compared to the filterless American models with the built in grinders.
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