Divorcing - want to change my name - living abroad
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I’m about to go through a (so far) very amicable divorce. I’d like to change my name back to my maiden name, however, I am currently on a temporary work visa in Germany for up to 3 more years. I have questions.

Background: divorce will be in Texas, soon to be ex has been back in the US for almost two weeks. Everything is pretty much agreed upon, papers just need to be filed. He’s going tomorrow to see about residency requirements and other info he can get from the courthouse.

How does the name change work? Is there an extra form I have to fill out? Complicating things is that I have a passport and visa issued under my married name. I’m guessing getting all that changed would be a huge pain. But is there a time limit on how long I have to do it? Like can I just wait until I get back and do it then or will they say it’s too late?
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I got divorced in the middle of a two-year gig in Iraq. I was still changing my name on documents four years later. No one ever said "No, it's been too long." But definitely keep at least one piece of picture ID with your married name, just in case.
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In NY state, the standard uncontested divorce forms include an optional section to request a name change. If it's the same in the TX forms, you'll just fill out that part and when it's all over you'll automatically end up with an official Texas name change. Then, what Etrigan said.
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