What's a good beginner's book for system thinking?
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I supervise a team member who is new to the concept of systems thinking and I'm looking for a good beginner-level book on this.

I'm looking for something generic (not industry-specific). I lead a team of system thinkers and this new member is new to the concept, and I would like to give this person some background reading.
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Can you clarify what you're looking for in more detail? Because systems analysis is an absolutely massive field of research and practice, and a lot of it may not be useful for your purposes. In the mean time, Here are some scholarly overviews and bibliographies for analyzing and modeling systems. Here is a selection of magazine articles in Quanta magazine. Here's an article from Harvard Business review.
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Thinking in Systems: A Primer by Donella Meadows
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Came here to recommend the Meadows book.
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I like An Introduction to General Systems Thinking by Jerry Weinberg.
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Weft's link should go here.
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Seconding the Meadows book. This is a shorter essay from her called Leverage Points: Places to intervene in a System.
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Not a book, and probably more intense than you are looking for, but I found the (free!) +Acumen Systems Practice class very helpful in gaining a basic understanding of systems work.
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