Wanting to make bitter orange marmalade, but no Seville Oranges yet
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We're in Toronto and we make a traditional English Seville Orange marmalade. (Family lore says the recipe came from Buckingham Palace) But this year the oranges aren't available, and nobody we've talked to has any idea when or if they're coming. Does anyone know if there was a catastrophic orange failure, or are they just late this year?
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Read Slow start of the organic orange campaign in Seville, written about a month and half ago. It mentions a slow start to the season for ALL the Spanish oranges, due to rain. So they're late (whew!).
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I've made marmalade from tinned just-Seville-oranges; liked the marmalade, could customize the recipe, didn't find the result more over-cooked than marmalade is anyway.
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Seconding the Ma-Made: my mum, who is amazingly picky about marmalade quality, switched to using tinned oranges more than 20 years ago and wouldn't even consider the hassle of waiting for the small shipments of indifferent Sevilles plus all the prep they entail.
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I'm glad you have this ask. I am in Toronto too and was at Fiesta Farms last night (Wed, Jan 23rd) asking about Sevilles. All they could tell me was that they were ordered but not in yet.
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