What shoes did I see?
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Can you help me figure out what shoes I saw? No photo available, but will do my best to describe. Lace-up terra cotta/light brick colored leather, low hi-top/ankle bootie-ish women's shoe with gum rubber soles.

Small circle embossed on the ankle side with the number 12, and around it some text, part said "since 1880," not sure what the top said. They were lace-up and had a zipper on the inner ankle as well. No other markers or tags on the heel that I could see. Didn't get a look at the bottom for other marks.
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I should add that they looked comfortable and practical for walking. The laces appeared to be functional as well, though not sure why there was also an inner ankle zip.
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Found 3 shoe companies founded in 1880 - Goliath, Barker, and Loake. Barker and Loake have women's lines with terra cotta leather boots, but cannot at a glance see any similar to what you describe, will look a bit more. FYI the zip is so you don't have to bother lacing and unlacing every time you put on or take off the boots.
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Sure it wasn't 1981? Could it be Merrell's Sugarbush hiking boots in Beeswax?

Edit: nope, those don't have a zip.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't see them on any of those sites, the webmistress. Also, they weren't at all hiking boots. They looked more like an Ecco-ish style. They were on an older woman (maybe German?) and looked like comfy, functional walking shoes...but not too outdoorsy.

I'm wondering if maybe the "12" in the middle of the circle was an "R" or something else? And maybe I have the "since XXXX" year wrong...
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Something by Josef Siebel, maybe? (Established 1886, "the European comfort shoe", often has styles like that)
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Part of your description sounds like inkkas.
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Possibly Rieker? Established 1874, but they definitely make boots in that style. (They are comfortable and wear well, too -- my daily boots are Riekers -- though not that style -- and I've had them for four years now!)
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cotton dress sock, you've cracked it, thanks so much. I was totally wrong about the number 12--it is a "JS" stamped, and it says 1883.

Thanks for the other suggestions--found some other good shoe options as well!
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